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This is where the pines display their beauties, the green make its most beautiful colors dance, and the sea...

This is where the pines display their beauties, the green make its most beautiful colors dance, and the sea has a glamorous blue ...
Sirene Belek Hotel is located perhaps in the most beautiful point of Belek Tourism Center which is recognized as the pupil of the Turkish Tourism and which makes us feel the magic of the coastal band.

The design of the hotel is featured with its modern and aesthetic architecture attaching importance to the living spaces of its guests... The hotel has been designed for your convenience thanks to its natural flora in which you can see all the shades of green, comfort, contentment, wide and peaceful spaces.
Our gracious hotel will have a great pleasure to welcome you together with its professional culinary team who follows up the world cuisine for you, the operation team working for your convenience at all times, the entertainment team aiming at making you laugh and have fun and all the staff. 

Rooms, suites and villas designed considering our guests to experience a comfortable and peaceful holiday are at your disposal with a spacious and comfortable design. Comfort and contentment is prominent in all the rooms from the smallest rooms to the King Room.

Rooms are equipped with many technological facilities such as satellite TV showing many common global channels, smart door lock systems with magnetic card system, electronic and smart security safe boxes; and all the details have been designed considering your convenience in living spaces.

Menus prepared by professional cooks in their own fields are presented to you from the culinary of Sirene for you to meet the decent examples of the Turkish and World Cuisines. It is almost impossible for you not to find the flavors appealing to your taste. High ceiling, large and spacious restaurants have been designed in order to turn dining into a pleasant feast. While you are experiencing the pleasure of dining in content and comfortable environment, Sirene culinary will be at your disposal with a wide variety and rich menu options.

There will a bar for you to refresh almost everywhere that you can need while enjoying your holiday. Special drinks, world wide famous cocktails, rich alcohol options and almost any kind of drinks for your taste are included in the menu for you in our 7 bars in total. Barmens will prepare the flavors that maybe you have not tasted so far thanks to their creativeness in their own branches. 

To play one great golf course is always a challange. To play two is a rare privilege indeed. In Antalya Golf Club the challange awaits… The PGA Sultan and The Pasha Course. The courses designed by leading architects European Golf Design, together with design consultant and Senior Tour Professional Davis Jones, provide not only a challange to golfers of all abilities but also wonderful surroundings in which to enjoy your game. The playing surfaces second to none in their quality, stunning lanscapes and perfect weather all conbine for an unforgettable golfing experience.