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Stretching along 2.5 km of Turkey's Mediterranean Coast where sun, sea and...

Stretching along 2.5 km of Turkey's Mediterranean Coast where sun, sea and architecture blend harmoniously with a unique golf experience, Likya World & Links Golf Antalya created Turkey's most complete destination resort. Designed by a leading Turkish architect as a contemporary interpretation of a Turkish village, LykiaWorld Antalya is a stylish and sophisticated environment where light, water and space are integrated into every aspect of the resort. Offering guests a world of experiences, LykiaWorld & Links Antalya has created brand new thrills, cultural activities and a wide variety of sporting events to keep you and the whole family as active or relaxed as you wish.

One of the joys of going on holiday is to sample delicious new tastes as well as old favourites in a new environment. Sample LykiaWorld Antalya’s delicious cuisine options, prepared by the resort’s expert chefs using locally sourced ingredients to create an incredible range of gourmet Turkish and international dishes. 

There is so much to experience in and around the resort that one visit won’t be enough. From fitness classes and sports, to daytime shows and activities, as well as night time theatre and musical performances. Along with many activities organised for adults, there are also activities for the younger guests, including games, dining, entertainment activities and a wonderful environment designed to appeal to more youthful tastes.

At LykiaWorld Antalya water is an important part of the experience and you can choose from a number of ways cool off. From the blue waters of the Mediterranean along our 2.5km of private beach or by the main pool, activity pool or relaxation pool, you will find the perfect spot to enjoy serenity or activities. 

Lykia has created world of activities around two distinct themes and areas, ‘Entertainment & Sports’ and ‘Balance & Relax’ to meet your areas of interest and bring like minded guests together. Lykia World invites all guests to participate in spa and wellness activities so that you can return from your holiday looking and feeling better than ever. A family holiday where children have a wonderful time making friends and trying new experiences creates special memories for the whole family.

Incorporating many firsts in Turkey, LykiaLinks Antalya is the only genuine links golf course in the Mediterranean. Rates as one of the top 100 golf courses in Europe, LykiaLinks Antalya makes full use the natural landscape and texure of its stunning seaside location. Located on 60 hectares of land and stretching for 6950 m along the sandy beach and blue waters of the Mediterranean, the 18-hole, par 72 professional course was expertly designed by award winning American golf architect, Perry O. Dye. The course features Dye’s signature ‘risk and reward’ theme with the fun that a links course provides. 
The Golf Club covers an area of 2500 square meters and includes a Proshop where the latest golf accessories and clothing are available, along with a superb restaurant and bar.
Whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, LykiaLinks Antalya will provide you the golf experience of your dreams. Everything is available at LykiaLinks Antalya to make you a golf star. Test your skills on the four holes situated inside the sand dunes along the shoreline. Do battle with the dominating sea breeze and the small green inside the 17th hole or defy the stadium-style finish of the turtle back green at the 18th hole. 

Requiring Scottish links course style ‘punch and run’ shots, the patterned fairways of this competitive environment get their inspiration from the famous couses of Scotland which host the British Open tournaments. A series of pot bunkers protect the greens and make it necessary to change location on the fairway.