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Cornelia De Luxe Resort is a specially created world particularly by taking into consideration the respect...

Quality First...

Cornelia De Luxe Resort is a specially created world particularly by taking into consideration the respect to the nature and environment. All choices are offered to convert your holiday into a fascinating experience on base of the highest quality of service implementation.  
The fundamental principle of the service implementation is to offer the services under the same standard of quality so our primary target in the chain Cornelia Hotels is to fulfill the needs and expectations of our guests by improving and renovating us without any interruption.  

The major rules related to Cornelia administrative activities are to protect the dynamic infrastructure of our quality management system, make the contingent developments and maintain the efficiency of service implementation on base of total quality understanding.   

In consideration of these principles, Cornelia De Luxe Resort, which is competing with rather competition advantages at both national and international markets, is  determined to keep on  his leadership.

Cornelia De Luxe Resort is located at a point where the unique spotlessly clean and shining sea of the Mediterranean meets very green pine trees forests at an area of 65.000 m2 in Belek surrounded with the natural beauties. Upon the unusual architectural design of the structure, various expectations of our guests can be met at the highest-level. Beside the standard rooms, the service quality can be distinguished in the suites featuring unique, villas constructed with the connections to the swimming pool,   
Cornelia DeLuxe Resort serves the best for your meals in different five A La Carte Restaurants including one main restaurant, one snack restaurant and as well as the others serving the delicious tastes of the world kitchen. More over, guests shall have the enjoyable moments at various 8 Bars and Night Clubs for the entertainment options depending on the seasons. A wide area was allocated for Crassula Eco Spa, which is addressing to your soul as well as the body health by bringing a new meaning off in the Spa & Wellness activities thus our guest shall find the opportunity to experience the natural, unique and special applications. The hotel is also offering the high capacity congress options in various nine meeting halls with total capacity up to 1700 pax.    

In scope of the sports activities, the Golf Academy that is dealing with the golf training activities by the leadership of David Leadbetter and the golf course featuring 27 holes called Nick Faldo Golf Course can be entered directly through the passageway from our hotel. A wide area was also separated for total 8 swimming pools i.e. an indoor swimming pool ( heated ), aquapark, children  pools with  special sun protection from the sun, and three Jacuzzis at a land of 3.600 m2. A specially designed swimming pool settlement, which is almost surrounding our hotel, makes our guests feel the magic of water every moment.    

The billiards, bowling (2 bands), Fun World, 3 tennis courts (Artificial grass courts), water sports and all day entertainment activities, 2 amphitheatres ( one indoor and one outdoor ), fitness center, Cornie Kids Club, shopping street, dry-cleaning service, hairdresser, doctor, rent a car, internet cafe, wireless Internet access in the public  areas and  Convention Center, a private beach in length of 118m. 

Vision of Cornelia De Luxe Resort is to ensuring that Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel, Human Resources systems and its efforts reaches at the contemporary levels, to turn into being one of the hotels where the personnel is happy and customer initial preference takes place. 

As the performers of ever improving management science due to the sound policies and implementations of the Human Resources ; to ensure that all employees possess a contemporary and researcher vision. 

ISO 9001:2000 KYS values and objectives are being practiced within a certain plan in a manner to deliver added value to Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel. 

Improving the individual and team performances through processes and systems, to support that Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel reaches its targeted successful consequences based on employee satisfaction. 

To cause Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel acquire the persons who have higher education level and would aim at improving themselves and their functions and pay due care to the subordinate personnel training and adopt the values Diler Holding structure and maintain its continuity.  

To support the transformations emanating from contemporary reconstructing and institutionalizing, to cause Cornelia DeLuxe Reort to acquire the persons who have higher education level and open to innovations and developments and aim at improving themselves and their functions and keep the company interests beyond their personal interests and adopt our institutional values and keep its continuity and augment the gratification and motivation of the Employees.